technological solutions for a world of data

a world of data


technological solutions for a world of data


SpiderPi, is a data solutions company, evolving alongside technological advancements and data regulations.  

The name SpiderPi, is a amalgamation of words: Spider, a type of arachnid considered a web weaver and despite poor eyesight has high intellect. Consider (Google search engine and its invention, Googlebots which crawl the web to catalog data) and Pi, representing the math of data as a constant in all technologies and for the promotion of integrated analytics throughout the lifespan of data. 

Data is technologies rai·son d'ê·tre. It is the digital air of an organization from which millions of people conduct their lives. And the the wide spread adoption of the World Wide Web, open systems, cloud computing, and social media brings out a craving for more data than ever. We love data. And there's no end in sight. 

And there's no time like the present as the protection of our rights of a free internet and the danger of losing our privacy. The founder of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee writes of this very issue. The risk of demolishing our financial livelihoods and potentially our very identity has never been more at risk than in today's threat landscape. It was important to join the other superheros fighting to protect Gotham City.  Therefore, data aegis was added to SpiderPi, along with certifications in CompTIA Security+ and CISSP earlier this year (2017). 

Here's My CV for consideration in your world of data.  It would be my pleasure.




Sarah Wentworth

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